Justice For Aja Raquell Shone-Spears

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On July 28th, Black trans woman, Aja Raquell Shone-Spears, was killed while attending Tyrell Penny’s vigil in Portland, Oregon. She and one other visitor were stabbed during a large disturbance that occured on the premises. Please sign this petition to share her story and help her family convict all perpetrators involved in her death. Over 25 trans and gender nonconforming people have died this year. Please continue to send love and support to all members of the trans community. Black trans women are always at risk of being murdered due to the raging transphobia in the black community and we must prioritize their safety. We still do not know the cause of her death: We should use this opportunity to shed light on the many reasons why the black community, especially black women, are always at risk of violence. 

If you have any information regarding her murder please use the contact information provided below:

Detective Brad Clifton: (503)-823-0696


Detective Michael Greenlee: (503)-823-0871


If you are interested in donating directly to her family please use this gofundme link rather than donating directly to Change.org: https://gf.me/u/yjvn97