Petition to Build a Park at NE Tillamook and 72nd

Petition to Build a Park at NE Tillamook and 72nd

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Portland, Oregon has great need for green space, especially for our kids.

Here in Portland, like most major cities, there are spaces where the public land does not do enough to benefit the citizens of the city.  The impact of this need is greatest upon the students who attend nearby schools and the residents of the neighborhoods that surround them. 

The Rose City Golf Course is one of those spaces.

Our goal is to protect and expand this beautiful space in the heart of Northeast Portland by using the already gorgeous eastern 9-holes of the Rose City Golf Course to create a brand new park, and expand Madison High School. 

Our second goal is to protect the western nine holes, and the gorgeous clubhouse, as a historical monument.

The city already owns the course, the parks department subsidizes the course, and all we need, the very first step, is convince them to call it a park.

The course was built during the first New Deal, has a great little clubhouse and putting green, and we should protect a little piece of one of our nation's great programs.

The caretakers of this space deserve praise for their work protecting the land. After all of this time it remains a beautiful space.

But you don't need 18-holes to pay respect to history. 

By re-purposing the land where the eastern nine-holes currently lie, we can create a beautiful public space where our children and grandchildren can play, grow, explore, and learn.

Right now the neighborhoods surrounding the course are worried about development of the space, as the course has been losing a lot of money and may be sold by the city. 

We see our project as a way to protect green space in our great city, and invest in our kids, and in our city's future, all while protecting a piece of history.

Plus! Both 72nd - which already splits the course - and Tillamook - on the course's south side - are bicycle access streets.

So bike access is 100% from every direction!  Too good to be true.

Our petition is to create a park at 72nd and Tillamook, where the clubhouse, putting green and parking lot are, and playground will be (across the street).

The two will share the parking lot so as to not affect parking in the neighborhood.

Community gardens, solar power, reforestation, and an expansion to Madison High School would all play an additional role in this great opportunity.

By protecting both spaces we are able to secure a legacy for Portland that will last for generations, will provide us with the opportunity to invest in our kids, and will simultaneously secure a piece of our nation's history,

This really is a win-win-win-win.  Plus, it's the right thing to do.

The only downside is there would be 9 fewer golf holes in the world.

But, remember, the same number of courses.

Join me. Say, "let's build a brand new park."


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Petition text:

Petition Summary and Background: Convert the eastern half of the Rose City Golf Course into a large urban public park; and to allow the city space for the expansion of Madison High School, planting community gardens, and green energy production.

Action petitioned for: We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act regarding the re-purposing of the eastern half of the Rose City Golf Course in order to provide our children with access to green space and learning opportunities, address the epidemic of food insecurity, and reduce waste.

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