Mr Mayor Please Fund The Portland Film Office For 2020-2021


Mr Mayor Please Fund The Portland Film Office For 2020-2021

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Update May 20, 2020:

Thanks to all of your support a compromise has been reached to keep the Portland Film Office (PFO) open for another year.  Huzzah!!

Finding a solution during this uniquely difficult budget process has been a group effort and literally every member of City Council and their staff (including the staff of the late Commissioner Nick Fish) has been proactive and supportive of this effort. We have proven again that our community steps up when needed.

It's a demonstration of what we can do when we work together, make our collective voices heard in support of our collective Media Ecosystem!!!

The new deal will see the film office funded 50% from the Prosper Portland budget and 50% from a temporary surcharge on all shooting permits that will impact larger productions more than the smaller ones. A longer, more sustainable funding model for the PFO will be worked on, starting immediately, during the course of the next year so that we can minimize this same event happening in years to come and restore permit fees closer to their original levels. We will be pushing for the establishing of an Advisory Board for the PFO that brings together our industry stakeholders from Labor. Management and the City to work towards common goals and oversight of this precious resource. While the work to move the PFO into a more stable, self-contained and fees-based budget process have been ongoing for a couple of years now (until recently, under the close guidance of Comm. Fish) the complete defunding of the office’s budget was not expected this fiscal year.


It would be very helpful if you could please reach out to all of the people below, individually and thank them for their constructive and proactive action to help us keep the Portland Film Office open during this very unusual and difficult economic time. The amendment to add funding back in for the PFO passed on an unanimous vote. A small bit of thanks goes a very long way with every one of these public servants.

And we would publicly and loudly pronounce our collective thanks here to Mayor Wheeler and Commissioners Fritz, Hardesty and Eudaley.

Thank you!!

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Original petition:

The Mayor's budget for 2020-2021 proposes completely defunding the Portland Film Office (PFO) without any conversation or input from the Portland Media Industry stakeholders. This is not simply a budget cut proposal , it would be a severe impact to the reopening and function of this important Portland industry

The PFO is the agency through which media projects of all sizes receive permits for use of parks, public streets, and neighborhood locations, as well as the safe use of curb lanes for the parking of production equipment trucks and other transportation vehicles.

The PFO provides support for media industry projects and programs including: workforce development; safety initiatives; tracking/collection of local economic impact data; promotion of Portland as a film location destination which supports Portland’s image regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Portland Film Office is a collaboration of the Mayor’s Office, Prosper Portland and dedicated resources within city bureaus, The PFO is appropriately housed within Prosper Portland, the city's economic development agency, because the Oregon Media Industry is an economic driver. Annually, Portland based movies, streaming series, commercials, video game development, and animation projects bring in over $200 million and provide thousands of living wage jobs with benefits for Oregonians (85% of crew, cast and production company staff are residents of the Portland Metro and Vancouver, WA).

Beyond the direct financial impact, the Media Industry is deeply interconnected with other industries pouring money into businesses such as: hospitality (hotels & restaurants), catering companies, equipment rentals, lumber yards/ hardware stores, fabric shops/apparel, fabrication companies, furniture companies, and more. The restarting of the Oregon Media Industry after Covid-19 will immediately bring increased and sustained cashflow to these Portland businesses thereby stimulating their resurgence, putting Portlanders back to work, and reopening our economy.

The Portland Film Office is a lean operation with only one full time staff person. And yet, because of its efficiency, this low cost agency is pivotal to the safe, smooth flow of permits and information between different City Bureaus/Agencies, and the media production companies. Without the PFO, producers and crew will have to navigate their way through different Bureaus and face delays for permits. This would assuredly double the turn around time and stimey the efficiency of media productions of every size. 

The Media Industry is currently struggling with universal shut down of films, episodic series, commercials, and other projects. However the Portland based cast, crews, producers and others are poised to restart with great speed once it is safe to do so. Portland needs its Film Office to make sure this happens and the work comes back as quickly as possible.

Mr. Mayor and City Commissioners please rethink your budget and fund the critically important Portland Film Office!

The late Commissioner Nick Fish was one of the greatest advocates for the Portland Entertainment Industry. He promoted the Portland Film Office because he saw the vital role It plays in promoting Portland as a destination for Digital Media Production. 


This petition made change with 3,271 supporters!

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