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Replace 'The Hiker' In Deering Oaks Park with Tahu, Toa of Fire

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Everyone knows that BIONICLES are the coolest, and everyone knows that war as a concept sucks. That's why we, the Commission for Peaceful Public Art, have decided to start this petiton. Our goal as a group is to have 'The Hiker', an appallingly unoriginal, firearm toting, straight white male statue, removed from beautiful Deering Oaks park, and replaced with the compassionate and courageous leader of the Toa, Tahu, guardian of fire. Not only is Tahu an incredible leader and a fantastic role model for young kids, he also embodies the ideals of peaceful conflict resolution and equality for all. That's the beautiful thing about it, all the BIONICLES live in perfect harmony together, something that is more important now than ever in our fractured society.

To put it simply, our goals are as follows:

  1. Remove the war-promoting, Patriarchy-supporting 'Hiker' statue in Deering Oaks Park.
  2. Replace the statue with one of Tahu, Toa of Fire and all around great guy.
  3. Use this as a jumping off point to bring BIONICLE statues to cities all across the great state of Maine.
  4. Educate our youth on the gentle values instilled by the BIONICLES
  5. Sit back and enjoy our new, prosperous society.

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