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Portlanders need paid sick time

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News about the norovirus and flu outbreaks are not just a national epidemic -- these sicknesses are spreading like wildifire right here in Portland. These illnesses are extremely contagious and can be very serious for our oldest, youngest, and most vulnerable community members. But until Portland protects consumers and workers can earn paid sick days, more and more people are at risk – physically and financially.

Earning paid sick time is extremely important -- especially during times of massive outbreaks like we’re experiencing this winter. If people are sick, they should be resting and recovering, not spreading illness to coworkers or customers and potentially making themselves sicker. 

My name is Avery Leinova, and I hope my petition helps. I know how much earning paid sick time really matters. It can make the difference between having enough to eat and paying rent.

Plus, sick time is important for families; kids who are sick should be able to recover at home and see a doctor when needed. When sick kids are sent to school or daycare, they suffer, and it puts the other kids and teachers there at risk, too. But right now families are forced to make an impossible choice between needed income and staying home caring for a sick child. 

Paid sick days are important for the physical and financial health of our whole community, and the Portland City Council will soon consider a paid sick days ordinance to solve this community problem – like San Francisco and Seattle have already done.

Please, support a paid sick days ordinance in Portland to help keep Portland’s people and economy healthy!

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