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Safety upgrades to crosswalks on NE 33rd needed before it's too late!

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The crosswalks on NE 33rd Ave. at NE Thompson St. and at NE Brazee St. are not safe. The following mix of elements present at these crosswalks makes for a treacherous walk or bike ride in crossing NE 33rd Ave.:

  • Visibility of pedestrians is very limited due to traffic congestion. Cars are packed bumper to bumper and simply do not see crosswalk markings or pedestrians trying to leapfrog their way across safely. Or cars block the pedestrian crossings completely making it impossible for pedestrians to be seen.   
  • When traffic is moving, drivers are consistently exceeding the speed limit. NE 33rd Ave. is a residential street that happens to be a North-to-South arterial.
  • Drivers have been observed texting, distracted or simply unaware of pedestrians crossing NE 33rd Ave.
  • NE 33rd Ave. serves as one of the main North-to-South arterials in NE, and it sees lots of traffic congestion, especially during peak traffic hours. Drivers are irritated by the traffic and slow-moving lanes, and simply do not stop for pedestrians at the crosswalk. Or drivers have been observed passing illegally over the double-yellow line. And there have even been incidents where the car being passed illegally is stopped to let a pedestrian cross.

As you consider these crosswalks, please remember all of the community members crossing NE 33rd Ave. each day:

  • School-aged children:
  • Grant High School with a population of 1,483 students.
  • Beverly Cleary School, with a population of 721 students, is made up of 3 campuses: Hollyrood and Rose City Park campuses on the East side of NE 33rd Ave. and Fernwood campus on the West side.
  • Numerous preschools in the Grant Park neighborhood on both sides of NE 33rd Ave.
  • Neighborhood residents, including elderly residents: Neighborhood citizens and other community members visiting Grant Park or its many areas of attraction—playground, pool, fountain, tennis courts, dog off-leash area, soccer field, Grant High School or events there, Hollyrood school, basketball courts, etc.
  • Grant Bowl event attendees: The Grant Bowl seems to be attracting LOTS more visitors than we’ve seen previously. The beautiful new facility is host to many more events now, and is a favorite place for Grant High School students to hang out. Was the increase in visitors not anticipated in the planning phase for the reconstruction of the Bowl? It's a shame money from the budget was not allocated for improved safety for pedestrians and bikers and perhaps even traffic flow around the Grant Bowl.

We request that PBOT make safety upgrades to the NE Thompson St. and NE Brazee St. crosswalks on NE 33rd Ave. Please install beacons so that residents can safely cross the busy NE 33rd Ave. We ask that PBOT and the Portland Police Bureau take a comprehensive look at the entire stretch of NE 33rd Ave. between NE Schuyler St. and NE Knott St. and look for ways to: improve traffic flow, increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and crack down on those who speed, illegally pass, and text while driving. We urge you to make these improvements that will keep students, the elderly, neighborhood residents, and the community safer. We feel that these crosswalk enhancements and increased law enforcement will go a long ways to better protecting our community.

Disclaimer: This petition was written by two Moms (who happen to be sister in laws) who had the horrifying experience of both their 9-year-old sons be hit by cars crossing NE 33rd Ave. at NE Thompson St. less than 24 hours apart. Thankfully both boys are fine. We want safe crosswalks for our community! Please support us and spread the word before it's too late!

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