Central Eastside Railroad Petition

Central Eastside Railroad Petition

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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Why this petition matters

The railroad intersections in Portland’s Central Eastside need major improvements to keep the roads safe for all and easy to commute, and address concerns of  increased carbon emissions 

Waiting for trains along the track crossings in the Central Eastside has become common and just got worse. Union Pacific recently changed their operations, tripling the length of their trains in January 2021. Now the average train is over three miles long. They regularly block SE 12th, 11th, and 8th. Trains are also often stopped  between Stark and Salmon. Wait times have been documented between 45 mins and one-and-a-half hours at all of these intersections

Please join the Central Eastside Industrial Council, the Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood and the Brooklyn Neighborhood in asking that PBOT make these main arterials through our City a priority by addressing these blockages. 

These blockages:

  1. Impose major safety risks. PBOT just built the Bob Stacey Crossing for pedestrians and cyclists near the 11th/12th crossing for this reason, but there are no other crossings in the Central Eastside. Cars routinely maneuver to get out of the train blockages by going down the street the wrong way and speeding through nearby neighborhoods.
  2. Slow commuter times for all modes of transportation. Traffic is regularly backed up from the I-5 Water Avenue exit to the Marquam Bridge, on SE 12th between Division and Powell, on SE 11th between Division and Hawthorne, and on SE Division. Currently,TriMet’s #2 and #70 bus lines are regularly rerouted, and the City’s new Division Transit Project, which aims to cut down on commute times from East Portland, will be regularly rerouted as well.
  3. Generate increased carbon emissions by increasing congestion and idling.
  4. Hinder economic development near the tracks and slow freight movement on our streets. 

Freight transport is very important for our region, so how do we address this growing problem?

Federal leaders are considering a major transportation infrastructure bill that could pay for improvements along the rail line, including the construction of an overpass and track improvements. The only way to leverage federal funding is by getting the backing of our City’s transportation provider. We ask that the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) make this issue a top regional priority and immediately conduct a study to identify short and long term improvements.

1,168 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!