Stop unchecked large scale building and clinical use of our commercial properties

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Port Stanley residents, another application to change a key business property to clinical use is being decided upon. As this impacts all of us due to the size of the clinic being proposed, the change from current business zoning to clinical zoning and the reduction in the parking requirements being requested, we need to be heard on this issue. 

Firstly, with three other clinical use buildings currently in downtown Port, one being a dental office yet to open, it does not seem in the village's best tourism interests  to allow yet another rezoning change from business to a clinical setting (a second dentist office). This land could be used to bolster our tourism industry with many other tourism based developments. Additionally,  once this land is deemed clinical it can possibly be utilized for other clinical uses such as safe needle injection sites and/or Methodone clinics with minimal public control or input.  

Secondly the proposed height of the clinic is 3 stories which will shadow the two story homes to the north, south and west. We are currently reviewing shadowing by-laws in Central Elgin.  The proposed 3 story clinic does not fit in with the surrounding 1 and 2 story home and business landscape.  I believe multiple council members had election platforms of controlled progress. Then let us make them stand behind these platforms and control the height of any new buildings, including the proposed clinic. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, as residents we all know that our village has ongoing parking issues.  Municipal parking is at a minimum in uptown/downtown Port Stanley, making it more and more difficult for visitors and residents alike to access shops, restaurants, the theatre, the library and other current local businesses, primarily in the high tourism months. Residents' driveways are blocked daily in the summer as myself and my neighbours can attest to, causing us to have to call the municipal offices to give out parking tickets.  On average a dental office has 1500 patients. Not only should we not allow a reduction in parking requirements but if this clinic is allowed, parking requirements should be increased for the influx of 1500 patient visits. If we allow this zoning change and request to reduce parking requirements, we are allowing the worsening of the village's parking situation.

We care about our town, about its growth and development and the issues that arise out of uncontrolled development. We hope you do to. Please sign this petition that will be submitted to council in opposition of the proposed zoning bylaw change to  clinical zoning and the request for a reduction in parking requirements for the clinic.