Return Floresta Drive & Crosstown Pkwy. to 4-way intersection!

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The Crosstown bridge in Port Saint Lucie was created to alevieate traffic and provide another outlet to cross the St. Lucie River. Floresta Drive which runs parallel to US1 (n-s) is constantly congested. For reason unknown, whomever planned that intersection thought it would be a good idea to block it, causing all the traffic to have to make a right turn, go up a block and then sit at a U-turn light, go down a block and then make another right. This has congested traffic even more and caused a nightmare of an inconvenience for those of us who are stuck having to take that road every day for work. There is NO reason for this! We want a regular 4 way traffic light. No other mayor intersection on Crostown has a U-turn and neither should Floresta!!! Several neighbors including myself are actually considering relocating so we don't have to deal with this u-turn fiasco on a daily basis if it isn't fixed.  PLEASE REMOVE THE U-TURN AND LEAVE IT AS A REGULAR 4 WAY INTERSECTION!