This show must not be cancelled! It is not really a reality show but shows how people have to survive in the remote Island of Port Protection. How They help each other out is amazing and the way they love and appreciate the beautiful and mysterious rainforest around them. It is dangerous as it is beautiful and being isolated on the Island away from the rat race gives you a different perspective on life. I love Hans and Timbi Porter ; Hans with his big booming voice and contagious laugh, and Timbi is so smart knowing how to find healing herbs and start her farm to help the people survive together . Until this show started I was so tired of watching the same ole, same ole of people building houses, looking for houses etc. One show is the same as the next and the worse I agree is The Alaskan Bush people a nutty family that is low class

Victoria Way, Tehachapi, CA, United States
4 years ago
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