Port Orchard Candidates: Reject National Realtors PAC Donations or Publicly Explain Why Not

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A report filed September 4, 2015 with the Public Disclosure Commission indicates that nearly $25,000 has been spent by the National Association of Realtors Fund of Chicago, Illinois for mail, calls, and online ads in support of Port Orchard mayoral candidate Rob Putaansuu and three candidates for Port Orchard City Council.  As voters (whether we live within the city limits of Port Orchard or not) we are deeply concerned that donations of this sort threaten local control of our government.

The recipients of this money are:

  • $8,507.74 to Rob Putaansuu (member of the city council and candidate for mayor)
  • $5,449.96 to John Clauson (member of the city council)
  • $5,449.96 to Cindy Lucarelli (member of the city council)
  • $5,449.96 to Shawn Cucciardi (candidate for city council)

Despite repeated requests for comment, these candidates have remained silent about their decision to accept these donations while their opponents have committed to running self-funded, or small-dollar-donation only campaigns. 

For more details on this, please read the original article published on September 20th in the Official Connections Database (OCDB)


As an alternative to speaking publicly on the matter, we ask that they simply decline to accept the donations and immediately return the money to the National Association of Realtors Fund.  If they are not willing to do so, we ask that they each issue a public explanation so that the voters can decide whether their reasoning is sound or not.

Ballots will be in the mail by the middle of October so time is of the essence.

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