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Ciggy Butt Bins in Port Macquarie

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"Cigarette butts have become one of our most important litter issues. The problem has increased in recent years with government legislation for smoking restrictions in public buildings and restaurants forcing smokers outside, where butts are often littered. An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered worldwide every year. Not only do littered butts seriously reduce the aesthetic quality of any environment, but they can cause a great deal of harm. Areas with a high number of littered cigarette butts look dirty and uncared for, which attracts more littering of other rubbish items. If a butt is simply dropped, it can smoulder for up to 3 hours. Cigarette smoke contains up to 4,000 chemicals so each second the butt is left alight, dangerous toxins are released into the environment. Flicked butts can cause fires. When thrown from a motor vehicle into dried grass butts can start a grassfire or even a bushfire. The Australian Fire Authorities Council estimates that more than 12 fires a day are caused by cigarettes or smoking materials."

Taken from Clean Up Australia Day Website

Since starting in July 2017, Coastal Warriors have completed five clean ups and collated our data. Of the various types of rubbish we collect, cigarette butts far outnumber others. Since July we have collected nearly 10,000 butts in and around Port Macquarie alone. We are happy to have prevented these butts entering the water ways, but we constantly ask: Can we do more?

In 2018, Coastal Warriors will be lobbying the Port Macquarie Hastings Council to request a trial of cigarette butt bins are around hot spots in Port Macquarie. We want to give smokers every opportunity to do the right thing by disposing of their waste responsibly. We understand that Port Macquarie also attracts a large amount of tourists and visitors, so appropriate signage and the issuing of fines could also deter individuals from doing the wrong thing.

We want to know how important this issue is to our local community and our visitors. We hope that by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends you can voice your concern. Coastal Warriors believe that our community, through people power, can make the necessary changes to ensure Port Macquarie's landscape and our oceans remain 'butt free'.

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Hotspots identified so far include - the area around the Food for Less car park (Short St), Town Beach, Goal Point, Rotary Park, and areas on Short St near Centrelink and Family & Community Services offices.

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