Save beautiful Koala Habitat in Port Macquarie

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We are a group of concerned residents and Traditional Custodians who have united to conserve our native koala population that is threatened by a development application.

Please help us save precious land that links the narrow koala corridor with Sea Acres Rainforest in Port Macquarie. This land is the old Fantasy Glades on Wandella Avenue that is currently covered in tall trees and is home to koalas, migratory birds and other wildlife yet is under a development application 2019/934 with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council to be turned into a caravan park.

Koalas are of immense cultural importance to Birpai peoples. Indeed the word “koala” is directly linked to the Gathang word “Guula”. The Koala is important to all Birpai, but especially for individuals whose totem is Guula, there is a cultural responsibility to work actively for koala conservation. After the 2019 bushfires, we formed the Guulagu Koala Custodians group to educate the broader community about koalas, their conservation status, as well as the role that traditional ecological knowledge and land management practices play in contemporary koala conservation.

Our local community is concerned that more removal of trees and land clearing will disturb Koala habitat and the koalas ability to move between the koala corridor and Sea Acres Rainforest. With the rate of land clearing and fires in our local region the koala is at risk of extinction in a few short years.

Please help make a difference and sign this petition.

Also write to council or put in a submission Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Website at DA 2019/934 Email:
Period: from 16/04/2021 until 29/04/2021. 

Thank you for caring :)