Save Almonta historical fishing boat

Save Almonta historical fishing boat

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Started by Tara Sinclair

Im starting this petition to get support to refloat & rehome the beautiful historical fishin boat Almonta.

I personally know nothing about the process so I'm looking for someone to create a team & take on the project.

There is a facebook page 'Save Almonta' where you can find lots of information about logistics. Refloating shouldn't be to hard but she needs a new home. Anyone with room on a slipway or some where she can be beached.

Almonta is an important part of Port Lincolns fishing history & is loved by so many people in the area. She is one of the last wooden fishing boats in the fleet & getting her up will create lots of publicity. If we can get her out of the water we can start to repair  any damage & return her to her former glory. 

Almonta belongs to Port Lincoln & it's our responsibility as a community to get to work before it's too late.

I'm doing everything in my power to raise awareness so I'm asking any of the fishing companies if they are willing to take on the  project.

Time is of the essence here so please, if you can't help personally spread the word. Kind Regards Tara Sinclair 

300 have signed. Let’s get to 500!