PORT BLAIR PORT : Lets make it a port of registry for Indian Shipping Tonnage.

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PORT BLAIR PORT - 13th Major Port of India : Lets make it the new port of registry for Indian Shipping Tonnage.

A strategic game changer that requires policy initiative in synergy with Sagarmala Initiative of Govt of India.

It will transform Port Blair from just another coastal town into PORT BLAIR - THE SMART PORT CITY.

The justification in terms of strategic reasons, effect on economy and its multiplier effect on Andaman & Nicobar Islands economy is detailed in Linked-in article for perusal and records.

Refer https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/port-blair-13th-major-india-lets-make-new-registry-indian-anirban

Following steps should have been taken on priority basis.

  1. Declare Port Blair the new port of registry for Indian Shipping Tonnage. It does not need much money to do so.
  2. Create a Special Incentive for Tonnage registered in Port Blair - (a) Easy access to subsidized funding (an Infrastructure investment trust in line with erstwhile Shipping credit and investment company of India Ltd); (b) Tax benefit for investors in line with what is being offered by FOC Countries; (c) Income Tax Benefit to seafarers using port blair as port of joining and disembarkation along with tax incentives to service providers like Charterers, ship brokers, stevedores and Chandlers.
  3. Create a Maritime University serving seafarers in Navy as well as merchant shipping. It can start with time charter of tall ships like Training Ship Danmark.