Pets to be allowed in rental property’s Non discrimination

Pets to be allowed in rental property’s Non discrimination

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Started by Chloe Dawes

I’ve been renting for quite some time now same with my family over in Perth. Having to make the Decision of getting rid of a beloved family dog is not something I should have to do or think about doing. 
raising that dog and taking care of them and at the same time providing support to myself and family. 
This is something I have always been passionate about and with landlords getting more and more strict in the times we are in it just hurts more and more family’s every year. 
looking at now Victoria’s law that won’t let landlords  discriminate against their pets is amazing to see and we should also be introducing that law in other states. 
Being in SA housingSA has no information at all about pets and it’s very up in the air.
People more now than ever if having a pet brings them companionship and makes them feel safe people should have the right to have a pet in rentals, in this day and age people are more scared and more lonely than ever. Covid has ruined people livelihoods and rentals becoming more and more unavailable is terrifying to so many. Having your family pet provides a light at the end of a very dark tunnel and we shouldn’t be put into that situation EVER.
Please help me in signing this petition to make it illegal to discriminate against pets and pet owners looking for rentals in South Australia. say yes to having your family pet. 

52 have signed. Let’s get to 100!