Justice For Marquis Rayner, 4 different DNA's on one shirt tied to him and only him

Justice For Marquis Rayner, 4 different DNA's on one shirt tied to him and only him

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Innocent: Not guilty of a crime or offense/not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering its consequences.

It still amazes me that I am in a place in my life where I have no control over my own destiny.
I am suffering consequences for a series of events that I had absolutely no involvement with whatsoever. I am screaming for help, I need to get out of this place where I surely do not belong.

To whom it may concern:
As you can see, my name is Marquis Rayner and presently I'm an inmate at SCI-Forest. I am 28 years of age, and I am from small suburban city, Coatesville Pa. Before this incident, I enjoyed spending time with my family, and friends. I never would have imagined that, I would be writing a letter like this, let alone writing from a prison facility. On March 12, 2013, my life took a complete turn for the worse. I went from waking up each morning preparing for a day caring for hospital patients at the Coatesville Brandywine Hospital to waking up in a jail cell. I was accused of and arrested for a very unfortunate crime that took place in Coatesville on June 29, 2012. I was not, and I repeat, I was not involved with the crime in any capacity, and on that day in June a robbery/murder was committed.

The investigation revealed that, there were three people involved, not including the victim one of the said participants was acquitted of the crime prior to my trial, this was due to lack evidence. That left my brother, Dominique Lee, who is currently incarcerated for this crime, and myself convicted of second degree murder. I sat in the courtroom during trial for those three long days trying hard to hold back tears, that would stream, from down my face from not understanding how I got to the courtroom in the first place.

please, allow me to get more detailed about the night of the crime, understand that, what I am writing about is information I learned throughout years of my incarceration and during trial.

on that night/early morning of June 29, there were three people who entered a house in Coatesville that, housed four unharmed  people including the victim and owner of the house. The three that entered had intentions on robbing the victim of whatever goods they thought he had, and what was in the house. All the intruders wore black clothing and tee-shirts covering their faces to hide their identities, where a robbery turned into a murder. The three unharmed witnesses that were in the home described the intruders as, males and explained the black tee- shirts used to hide their identities. The witnesses also explained a significant part of that night during trial, which is one of the pieces of evidence used against me.
To add, there was plastic jar that the intruders got away with at the time of the robbery. It is speculated that the perpetrators then threw that plastic jar in a bush a few blocks from the house where the crime took place. on this plastic jar, investigators found twelve sets of fingerprints including those of my half-brother. my fingerprints were not found on the jar, whatsoever and that's because, I had nothing to with what happen that night /early of June 29th, 2012.

 The black tee-shirts is what has me doing life in prison at this moment, on the tee-shirts investigators found four sets of DNAs, and one of these happened to be mine. (EVERYDAY I THINK SINCE THIS EVIDENCE THAT IS TYING ME TO THIS CASE HOW AND  WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHOSE DNA WERE ALSO ON THE SHIRT NOT ARRESTED OR EVEN QUESTION. 

what I do know is that I was not involved with the incident at all. A murder conviction is far too serious to be convinced with only circumstantial evidence, especially where there are four witnesses that place me at the V.F.W. hall in Coatesville during the time of this incident. My phone records also determined that during the time of the incident I was on the phone and texting back and forth with a female friend of mine. I was schedule and reported to work at 6am that same day.

I am innocent man, and I will stop at nothing to prove this to everyone and how unfortunate this situation is for me and my family. I will continue to pray, prayer has gotten me this far as to my family believing in me and supporting me, knowing of my innocence with this incident that I am writing you seeking help in any way you can.

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