Abolishing/ Restricting Pornography

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Pornography is a huge issue now in the world for many, many people. People of all genders, ages, and races are investing into the billion-dollar pornography industry which is growing at a rapid pace.

Pornography produces the wrong image of sexual contact and creates overbearingly high expectations for women and men worldwide.

Pornography creates an incorrect idea of how sexual activity should be and creates unrealistic stereotypes of men and women sexually which are highly incorrect.

Some pornography videos are extremely graphic and teach the people that watch them incorrect ways of going about sex.

'Fantasy' pornographic videos are disrespectful depending on the 'fantasy' and also creates bad ideas for the people that watch them. In many cases, these types of 'fantasy' videos are causes of brutal acts of harm, in which have been taken to court before.

Pornography overall can be disrespectful to all different types of people and creates unrealistic expectations for people. It creates unrealistic fantasies that don't occur in real life.

Pornography teaches people the wrong idea of sex at a young age and doesn't educate children of what sexual contact and sex actually are. Being able to teach children/ teenagers what sexual contact properly is, will eliminate any unrealistic expectations or false ideas. 

We were fine without this graphic imagery, so why do we need it now? 

Pornography is around to stimulate and pleasure us, but what's the point of being stimulated and pleasured sexually instead of going out and enjoying REAL life and the pleasures that can come from general happiness. Sexual pleasure only lasts a short amount of time, however, general happiness and proper understanding of what sexual contact and sex actually last much longer.