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Pornographic campervans still roaming our streets

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I start to loose moral hope for our children and grandchildren when I encounter something like this. While holidaying at Christmas last year on the Sunshine Coast, I came across a sight that made me feel both sick and fearful. Mainly because I have 3 young boys and hear too many stories of lives being destroyed with the help of porn. We all got out of the car at a noosa beach to find one of those backpacker campers parked with THE worst imagery I'd come across yet. I was pretty sure it wasnt a Wicked Campervan but another company that competes with equally obscene images. This one was a sketch of a fully naked woman lying on her back, legs spread with another naked woman on all fours, head leaning in you know where. The 'artist' didnt hold back on the detail of female parts either. This is XXX stuff! And this is not the first time I've seen similar things on their vans. I understand a law was passed (with the help of!) in Qld for offensive slogans but these companies still seem to be getting their personal demoralizing filth out there in our communities for pure, young minds to absorb and influence. Images are worse than slogans as, though my boys cant read well yet, an image can stay with you your entire life. This kind of thing is for behind closed doors...if at all. What's the point in a law if its not enforced. Perhaps this issue simply needs to be a addressed on a national level and a tougher law that is enforced created. Please join me as others have before in seeing a nation wide war to protect the good that is left in our society! 

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