Ban cars from Titahi Bay Beach

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A controversial topic

Many thanks to everyone supporting this petition so far.

Yesterday(26/04/2020), a slightly heated ;) discussion got triggered, after I posted a link pointing to the petition page to the local community Facebook group notice board.

There were a few very good arguments pro and against the petition goal exchanged.

After a bit of thinking and many supporting PMs, I decided to go ahead.

But I want to make some adjustments to the petition text content and language, as I think it's justified, that many people found it quite blurry. And also because my original national background seems to be reflected in my slightly to direct wording, that to often doesn't go well with many people. ;)

To make some improvements, I was thinking to pick every supporters brains.   
Under the following link you can find an online document with the original petition text. ( !!! Please be aware that this is a public document that can be read and modified by anybody with the link. Take care of your privacy.  !!! )

You are more then welcome to add alternative versions of the petition text or make adjustments (add good arguments, specific suggestions about what could be improved, etc..).
This is an experiment, that might fail, but hey lets see if any good comes out of it. I will keep it online till Monday (04/05/2020).

Again, many thanks for your support.
Best Frank

Frank Beinersdorf
1 year ago