To allow Jamie Johnston back into Popworld Liverpool

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We all have a connection with a myriad of things- Our loved ones, music and football to name a few. However, my connection is with Popworld Liverpool. The place would bring me an abundance of joy, happy memories and many a good time. However, as of recent, my connection with this loved one has been cut off. A certain bouncer(don't know their name, but is bald) has taken a rather gargantuan and unfair dislike to me. 

Like many young folks these days, I am prone to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. The bouncer in question has now took it upon himself to ban me from the establishment I very once was in love with, with no explanation other than 'You come in here sober, and come out drunk'. Isn't that the point of why the young and old generation go out to enjoy themselves?

Yes, I will admit on a small few occasions(we shall not disclose numbers) I have been a little intoxicated and merry. However, as of recent my behaviour has very much improved and I am a new man. I have apologise for my behaviour on a myriad of occasions, but to no avail.  I find it very unfair that someone has to pay for things they have done in the past. 

Surely this behaviour does not constitute a lifetime ban?