Popular Initiative Referendum / Referendum d'Initiative Citoyenne (RIC)

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The UN could update yearly a per-country indicator on Popular Initiative Referendum to solicit states and foster their action in favour of direct democracy. 
(https://sdgactionawards.org/ initiative/575)

The UN is setting concrete targets for 2030.
They allow the United Nations to intervene directly, for example, to eradicate certain diseases (see the link below). Other times, in the form of indicators, to measure how much a member country adheres to or deviates from its sustainable development objectives (SDS 1 to 17).


Among these, SDG No. 16 deals with institutions. The UN has few levers to change the authority of a country's functioning. On the other hand, if the SDG16 working group added an indicator as to whether or not a referendum on a popular initiative exists in a country, this would be a good lever to change things.
Much progress has been made in this way. For example, in improving the lives of women and children around the world, although there is still a long way to go... (see link above) This approach is complementary to the popular demands in each country.

We are petitioning the SDG16 working group at the UN to hear us and add the referendum on popular initiative to its objectives.

For better communication between Heads of State/States and the population and in accordance with the sustainable development objective No. 16 "Peace, justice and strong institutions" (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16 we ask the United Nations to ask Member States and international partner organisations to implement the Citizens' Initiative referendums by 3% of the petitioning population
(When a petition is signed by 3% of the population, a formal vote must be held among the entire population).

There is always a risk of getting personally involved in this petition. In our time, no digital tool guarantees 100% anonymity, especially against state surveillance. If you feel that it is too risky for you to sign this petition, we still invite you to forward it widely. Some may be able to act or forward it to people who can sign it.

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