Bring the Popeye's Chicken Lady to East

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Summary: Sign this petition to demand that Popeye's spokeswoman, "Annie the Chicken Queen", come to East and have a meet and greet with students.

The issue: "Annie the Chicken Queen,” Popeye's Chicken's spokeswoman, is a straight-talking, feisty Southern woman telling it like it is about her chicken. She's all over TV going on and on about her brand new chicken recipe. But who is she in real life? She is an actress name Deidrie Henry who has normal voice instead of her kinda-racist-feeling Southern accent from the commercials. Deidrie Henry has won awards for her acting but her big break has been the role of chicken spokeswoman. I want Deidrie Henry to come to Denver East so that every can get the chance to meet the Popeye's Chicken lady.

Take action! Sign my petition because I want Annie's actress, Deidrie Henry, to have a meet and greet with students at East. She'd be better than Kyle at least. Let's get this moving so we can all meet the Popeye's Chicken Lady!

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