Pledge: Walk Out of Predator and Predator-Protector Masses/Sacraments

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“We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence.” - St. Catherine of Sienna
Sexual abuse and misconduct by clergy is happening within the Church and will continue undeterred unless we, faithful Catholics, make a dramatic change. The time of doing nothing while predators and predator-protectors continue ruining innocent lives is over. We will stand with and fight for the Holy Catholic Church against the evil influence of corrupt clergy that seek to destroy it.
Writing letters to Bishops, Cardinals, and even the Pope has not succeeded. Predators and predator-enablers like Mahony and Wuerl refuse to own their grave crimes and step down. They continue to enable sex abuse, while still celebrating Sacraments shamelessly, thinking that we approve of their conduct.
So, what can we do to make an impactful change and fight against the evil of sexual abuse?
We, faithful Catholics fighting against the evil of sexual abuse, will:
1.     Immediately walk out of any Mass, or other Sacrament, celebrated by known pedophile or pedophile-protecting clergy, like Wuerl and Mahony. Ideally, walk out before the Mass or Sacrament has begun, as soon as you identify the clergy member as a pedophile or pedophile-protector.
2.     Go to another Mass. It is still a mortal sin to miss Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) Mass.
3.     Call parishes to them know exactly why you did not/will not attend their Mass. Do not let your efforts go unnoticed! (You can also call ahead of time to ask weekend Mass times of abusive/enabler clergy to attend a different time.)
4.     Go to another parish. If you are aware that a pedophile or pedophile-protecting clergy member is saying Mass at a certain parish, go to another parish. The right thing to do is to support goo priests, pastors who protect kids and other vulnerable. We cannot tolerate parishes hosting pedophiles or pedophile protectors.
5.     Spread the word! Let all your Catholic friends and fellow parishioners know: the goal is for Masses celebrated by pedophile and pedophile-protector clergy to be empty. We cannot let these evil-doers continue to spread their poison in the Holy Church.
How These Five Actions Will Effectively Cleanse the Church:
If arrogant and corrupt clergy have an audience, that continue to tolerate their presence in the Church as if nothing happened, they will continue business as usual. Whereas if they have an empty church every time they say Mass, they will obviously take notice and hopefully either repent or resign. In any case, we cannot support active predators and their protectors celebrating the Sacraments. Although the Sacraments arestill legitimate, this is about cleansing the Church of arrogant and deceitful men like McCarrick, Wuerl, and Mahony.
Evil-doers like Wuerl and Mahony continue to stay in power because we, the laity, support their presence in the Church. We will no longer believe their empty claims of “regret”. These men say they regret their actions, but do not name names, force pedophile priests to resign, hand them over to civil authorities, or lead by example and resign and show repentance by a life of prayer and penance in seclusion for the sake of victim souls, and their own.
It is our responsibility to fight for the Church. We are at war with evil that has infiltrated the highest ranks of the Church. To help you identify pedophile and pedophile-protector clergy, visit And to help you find alternative Masses you can attend, visit Remember, it might be a little extra work to identify pedophile and pedophile-protector clergy and attend different Masses, but it is a small sacrifice to make for the Bride of Christ.
Sign the pledge and live it, People of God, warriors for the Bride of Christ!

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