Usain Bolt for Pope

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Usain Bolt is a miracle. It is clear that God wants him to be Pope, otherwise he wouldn't have blessed him with fast legs. Mr Bolt has all the makings of a Pope - he is a devout Roman Catholic, and his middle name is St. Leo. This proves that he is holy enough for the job. Did you know that he makes the sign of the cross when he runs?

He is now retired from his running years and we do believe that he can now focus on his papal responsibilities. He has reached the Age of Reason, which means that he is fully capable of being Pope. All he has to do is become a Cardinal and then he is on his way to becoming Pope.

Usain Bolt can also bring in diversity to the Popes. He would be the first black pope to grace the Vatican, and his very presence would bless all. Everybody loves him, so he would make Roman Catholicism more popular amongst young people, and maybe even inspire others to try and become Pope.

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