Jorge Mario Bergolio (Pope Francis): Resign as Bishop of Rome

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Jorge Bergolio (Pope Francis) is head of the Catholic Church. He is also the highest-ranking Catholic cleric to be implicated in the decades-long homosexual child abuse scandal and international criminal conspiracy to shield known pederasts and child rapists. Along with him, the guilty members of the hierarchy include (among others) American Cardinals Cupich, Wuerl, O'Malley, Tobin and Farrell.

In August of 2018, a former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States issued an 11-page sworn statement implicating Bergolio and his cronies in criminal activity. Even though the statements about Bergolio have been found completely credible and in fact confirmed as true by at least two current Cardinals, he remains the Pope of the Catholic Church. Now, many members of our community feel he is unfit to lead and should abdicate. He is currently the highest-ranking Catholic cleric to be implicated in the decades-long homosexual child abuse scandal.

This isn’t a new problem. Only five years ago, Jorge Bergolio rehabilitated and lifted sanctions placed on known child rapist and flaming homosexual Ted McCarrick by his predecessor Benedict XVI. Bergolio has surrounded himself with pederasts and pederast enablers and has leaned heavily for advice and counsel on deviants like McCarrick.

I’m from Kansas City, MO - born and raised Catholic in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. As a Catholic, I believe in forgiveness. But I also believe that forgiveness and change can exist together and that’s why I feel it’s necessary for Jorge Bergolio to demand the resignation of every single Cardinal he has named to the current College of Cardinals. Once that is accomplished, Bergolio must abdicate immediately. The spiritual, emotional, and moral pain that this issue has caused to Bergolio’s fellow clergymen, Church employees, volunteers, parishioners and faithful must begin to come to an end.

Begin the healing by abdicating.