Pope Francis & The Church must apologize for the genocide & persecution of Indians

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The Terrible Church crimes against Indians viz., Inquisition: Francis Xavier and Martin Alfonso were sent to Goa by King John III of Portugal in 1542 to initiate the process of converting Goan residents to Roman Catholicism. After arriving in Goa, they were angered by the neo and existing Christians who were secretly practicing their previous religion Hinduism, while also still practicing their Hindu values and traditions. Francis Xavier was outraged and wrote to King John III of Portugal on 16th May 1546 to impose inquisition on Goa in an attempt to ‘discipline’ the residents and make them follow Catholicism as mandated by the Church.

Those found violating were convicted and subjected to heinous punishments, including public flogging, being ‘put on the rack’, burnt on stakes and having one’s nails and eyes crushed by bloodthirsty missionaries. In some cases, entire villages were burnt with the women and children taken as slaves. Large wheels were used for torture, with those convicted of following Hinduism being tied to the wheel and then spun, with almost every bone of the innocent Hindu or Jew being crushed.

Hindu children were sometimes taken away from their parents and burnt in front of their own eyes, with the parent being tied and forced to witness his child being burnt alive until he accepts to convert to Christianity. Thousands of non-Christians were inflicted with such punishments during the course of the inquisition. In inspiration of the Muslim invaders, the missionaries imposed the Xenddi tax on the Hindu population, similar to the Jaziya tax. (Ref: Sarasvati’s Children: A History of the Mangalorean Christians, Alan Machado Prabhu, I.J.A. Publications, 1999, pg. 121)

The Portuguese ravaged homes destroyed the local culture and imposed a foreign religion on the local population. Hindus were deliberately targeted by the European invaders in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. The Goan Inquisition is a disturbing reminder to Hindus about their history and signifies the struggles undertaken by our ancestors to preserve our cultural identity.