SOS! Help my mum

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 Dear Pope Francisco!

My name is Alexander Shtrak and I`m from Russia. I track all the news about You. You are a very kind person. Unfortunately, God gave me mental and physical picularities — I am seriously ill with hard form of cerebral palsy. That  is why I consider myself chosen to praise The Lord. And I will do that till the end of my life.

I am in a very difficult situation now. My mother is ill with 2nd stage of cancer. Russian medics turned their back on her. I think so because without any reasons they gave her IV stage of cancer and sent her home to die.

On the site I have created a petition for our President Vladimir Putin, but that didn`t help me. So You are my last hope to save my mother.

Long ago in 2015 my mother started having terrible pains and movement problems. That year we called the ambulance, but they didn`t take her. And in 2016, too. Only in June of 2016 we could put her in hospital where she spent 10 days and they sent her back in even worse state of health. Two months later, in August 2016 we put her again in our Oncological City Clinic number 71 where local medics diagnosed IV stage of malignant breast tumor  and released her without any research. In November 2016 we paid about 6 thousand roubles to make a puncture. It showed only second stage of tumor (not fourth as before!). But despite this fact, the doctors keep repeating that she has IV stage and any treatment is useless. So until now my mother haven`t visited any good onthological clinic yet. It seems to me like Russian medics wait till the very end and bury my mother. All I ask of You is to intervene the situation and put my mother in any good oncological clinic and   save her life. I am very grateful to You. I would like to see You and hug You so much. 


My best regards,

Alexander Shtrak.



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