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Raise the Minimum Age of Altar Boys to 60 years old

Children and teenagers are easily confused in their emotional responses to powerful people in their community, their 'role models', especially Priests who are 'closer to God', as they strive for approval from family, school and community.
Their emotional responses to their faith have been manipulated in some parishes in Australia for the sexual gratification of some clergy.
(Approx. 6% of Priests in some States in the US)
A similar or higher incidence in Australia, due to Priests and Brothers who raped children in other countries being sent to Australia.
Australian clergy of all faiths who are convicted of Child Abuse are EXEMPT from the
Australian clergy of all faiths are EXEMPT from giving EVIDENCE in COURT.
The Pope knows this issue well, as he has used it personally in the Justice System in Argentina, during  and since the Military Dictatorship, there are ongoing Court trials there today.

This is my community, and therefore my responsibility, to ask that Children are removed from religious responsibilities, and that those responsibilities are taken on by adults within the Church.

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Raise the Minimum Age of Altar Boys to 60 years old