Let the Vatican pay - in full- for Pope Francis's trip to Ireland

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Let the Vatican pay the 20MILLION euro cost of Pope Francis's trip to Ireland.

The Vatican is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The wealthiest financially that is. Spiritually possibly the least wealthy...

Use the estimated 20.000.000 Euro cost (to the Irish taxpayer) for pope Francis's trip to symbolically honour the generations of Irish children who experienced barbaric cruelty and physical, emotional and sexual violence from catholic priests and nuns. Use it to fund mental health centres, for children, for older people, for all of the generations who have suffered both directly and indirectly as a result of the savagery meted out and supported in full by a church based on fear, judgement and punitive views of women. Single mothers, some of whom were children themselves, and pregnant as a result of rape, were banished to slave labour in workhouses. Imagine slaving day and night when pregnant? By a church conditioning its 'followers' to believe that they were sinners.. that even children who were not baptised would float around in purgatory, some hellish place a little north of hell itself. All the while they ran a living Hell, with bereaved mothers and fathers who had given children to orphanages in the belief it was the best thing to do and was temporary, were told they could not have their children back. Those very children were beaten, subjected to inhumane cruelty and even sold to wealthy American couples, who had no idea of the true inhumanity of an institution which was run like a prison.

Honour these children, women and even men who suffered their whole lives because of the cruelty received, who never experienced love.

Honour the babies and children who died, who were used for medical vaccination experiments, who experienced such abject cruelty and sickness they could not survive. Why in the name of Jesus (pun intended) would anyone in Ireland want to pay for the Vatican, one of the largest (and most powerful) worldwide supporter of child abuse, to visit Ireland ? Come dear Vatican, but come with your open chequebook and found mental health centres, all over this nation. 

Francis, you're the man. I'm sure you can make it happen.