Free Julian Assange - an ill prisoner who has no rights

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Justin and Anne Morahan
Justin and Anne Morahan signed this petition

Julian Assange is a world renowned whistleblower.  He dared with immense courage to reveal the atrocities that accompanied the recent war in Iraq.  His fame brought him only misfortune, persecution, isolation - and now illness.  For he is languishing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he was granted asylum six yeas ago.  He is now in imminent danger of being arrested and extradited to the United States to face trial and imprisonment, possibly in Guantanamo.

Dear Pope Francis, on behalf of men and women of goodwill everywhere, i approach you to request your very powerful help in requesting a release without re-arrest of this whistleblower.

Many years ago we made a similar request to a predecessor of yours for the release of a relatively unknown pacifist who was reportedly being abused in Italian prisons. A few days later he was released.

We trust in your humanity and goodness to exercise a similar intervention on the part of Julian Assange who for the past many months has been denied access to fresh air and visitors in what has become for him a hellish prison.  Thank you.