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Pope Francis: Denounce the South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Industry 교황 프란치스코: 한국의 개와 고양이 식용 산업을 공개적으로 비난하여 주십시오.


We have a request of Pope Francis on behalf of the dogs and cats in South Korea. 


The $2 billion dollar-a-year South Korean dog and cat meat industry, which snuffs out the lives of approximately two and a half million dogs and thousands of cats each year, operates in a sordid and illicit world where farmers and butchers kill with frightening impunity in the most abominable fashion.  Dogs are killed with high-voltage electrocution, hanged, beaten to death, and frequently have their throats slashed, because of the prevailing and pernicious myths that the more pain, panic and suffering they endure, the more flavorsome the meal and the more potent the medicinal properties become. They are most often killed within sight of their cage mates who await their own grisly end. They are thrown into a tub of boiling water, and then into a rotating drum for the removal of their fur, and finally blowtorched, often while the dogs are still alive. Cats are often bludgeoned and thrown into boiling water while still conscious. Many have their legs broken so they can’t escape.


연간 20억달러규모에달하는한국의개식용및고양이식용산업으로인해개와고양이가고통받고있습니다. 식용으로희생되는개들은대개전기충격기, 목메달기, 구타등잔인한방법으로도살되고있습니다. 죽는과정이고통스러울수록고기의맛이좋다는그릇된인식도펴져있습니다. 철창안에갇혀있는개들은동료개들의이같은죽음을대개목격하기도합니다. 도살된개들은드럼통같은털제거기로던져지고이후불로그슬려집니다. 일부업자들은일부러살아있는개들의다리를부러뜨려도망을못가게하기도합니다.


These sickening and macabre practices have no place in our modern world. Many countries have already banned the eating of dog and cat meat and the appalling industry that is behind it. South Korea, with its glittering economic renaissance and rising stature on the world stage, must not lag behind these countries and other civilized societies. In fact, most South Koreans find the cruelty and killing shocking and shameful. Yet it continues because it is backed by profound government indifference, and a robust profit-driven industry.


현대사회에서이같이미개하고잔인한일들이벌어지고있습니다. 이미많은나라에서개와고양이식용및관련산업을금지했습니다. 하지만, 놀라운경제성장과문화수준을자랑하는한국이이부분에있어서는매우뒤떨어져있습니다. 실제로는대부분의한국인들도이러한학대와도살이충격적이고수치스러운일이라여기고있습니다. 그럼에도불구하고개식용은계속되고있는데, 이는정부의고질적인묵인과개식용산업의수익성에기인합니다.


The South Korean Catholic Church has played a significant role in the democratization of South Korea. The Church has great influence and sway over the country, and it has the power to transform the lives of animals and to radiate great hope by ending its support of the dog and cat meat industry. According to Catholic beliefs, the Church has an ethical and humane responsibility toward its treatment of animals, and offers a refuge from cruelty.


한국의천주교회는한국민주화에큰역할을해왔습니다. 한국천주교회가미치는영향은큽니다. 즉, 동물들의소중한생명을보호하고개식용관련산업을종식시킬파워가한국의천주교회에있습니다. 동물을윤리적이고인도적으로대하고학대로부터의피난처를제공하는것이  천주교의교리이자책임일것입니다.


Pope Francis—the first to boldly choose the name of Francis in honor of the revered Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology and a celebrated champion of the poor—surprised everyone when he broke ceremonial rules by allowing Asia, a guide dog for an Italian radio journalist, into the Vatican's audience hall and issued a special blessing for her.


교황프란치스코 - 동물과자연환경을수호하는성인이자가난한사람들편에선투사로써존경받은아시시의성프란치스코의이름을교황명으로대담하게택한첫번째교황 - 께서교황선출회의에참석한이탈리안시각장애인라디오저널리스트의안내견 ‘아시아’의바티칸성당내부출입을허용하시고축도하심으로기존의의례원칙을깨셨을때모든이를놀라게했습니다.


In his first homily, the newly elected pontiff said, "The vocation of being a 'protector'...means protecting all creation, the beauty of the created world, as the Book of Genesis tells us and as Saint Francis of Assisi showed us. It means respecting each of God's creatures and respecting the environment in which we live...In the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection, and all of us are responsible for it. Be protectors of God's gifts." In Pope Francis, one hears the echo of St. Francis of Assisi himself.


새로선출된교황프란치스코는첫설교에서, “보호자로써의소명의식이란창세기와성프란치스코께서우리에게말씀하신대로모든창조물과창조된세계의아름다움을지키는것을뜻합니다. 또한하나님의피조물들과우리가살아가고있는자연환경을존중함으로써결과적으로우리모두는우리의보호아래맡겨진모든것에대한책임이있게됩니다. 하나님의선물을지키시는보호자가되십시오.” 교황프란치스코를통해사람들은아시시의성프란시스코의메시지를다시들을수있게되었습니다.

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Letter to
Pope Francis
Your Holiness,
I am extremely distressed to learn about the relationship between
the South Korean Catholic Church and the dog and cat meat industry.
Church leaders, unlike many others in South Korean society, openly and
without shame, express their passion for eating dog meat. It is such a
pervasive practice in churches that it is considered a kind of “tradition”
or a “dog meat-eating culture.” Church congregants often find dog meat,
sometimes referred to euphemistically as “nutritious soup,” being served at their church functions, such as All Saints’ Day feasts.

한국 천주교회와 개식용 산업의 관계를 알게 되어 몹시
실망스럽습니다. 교회를 이끄는 분들이 한치의 부끄러움도 없이
개고기를 즐긴다고 공공연하게 말하고 있습니다. 개식용이 한국의

천주교회에 만연해 있으며, 심지어는 천주교 ‘전통’으로 여기는 신도와
성직자들이 있습니다. 성당 행사나 바자회 등에서 개고기나 보신탕이
판매되기도 하고 신도들에게 ‘대접’되기도 합니다.

In a recent interview with a Korean newspaper, Coadjutor Bishop Linus Lee Seong-hyo, of Suwon-city Parish Church, proudly says that his favorite "health food" is dog meat and laughingly reveals that his hobby
is persuading foreign bishops visiting Korea to try it. Apparently, the
French priests find it very much to their liking.

최근 한 신문기사 인터뷰에 따르면, 수원교구의 이성효
보좌주교는 “좋아하는 보양식은 개고기”이며 “외국인 신부들에게
개고기를 먹이는 게 취미”라고 말한 바 있습니다.

During an investigation into the South Korean dog and cat meat trade,
the In Defense of Animals team visited a small dog farm in Masuk, about
30 miles east of Seoul, where the farmer told us that the local Catholic
Church is a big buyer, especially for its prized charity events, when Church representatives purchase large quantities of dog meat from his
farm. In Defense of Animals가 현장 조사 방문을 했던 경기도의 어느 소규모

개농장 주인은 해당 지역의 성당이 큰 고객이며 자선행사를 위해
엄청난 양의 개고기를 자신의 농장에서 사간다고 밝힌 바 있습니다.

Over the last several years, Catholic Churches in South Korea have
received a barrage of criticism—angry letters have been sent and
complaints have been posted on church Web sites by congregants,
demanding the removal of dog meat from any church events.
지난 수년간 한국의 천주 교회는 개식용 관련하여 항의와 비난을
받았고 자선행사 등에서 개고기를 팔지 말 것을 요청 받았습니다.

I am asking you, Most Holy Father, to compel the South Korean clergy to
adhere to Christian teachings and principles, and respect all life and end
any promotion of dog and cat meat. It is the moral responsibility of the
powerful to protect the undefended, the powerless, and the vulnerable.

한국의 성직자들이 부디 교회와 성당의 가르침에 따라 모든 생명을
존중하길 바라며, 교회가 개식용을 장려하는 것을 중단해줄 것을

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