Poor Dog Hit By Car Needs Help

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Jansi was an emergency rescue by our lucknow team today ,it seems that something terrible happened to her. Her leg was split open and she lost a lot of blood she was taken to the shelter in half dead condition immediatly we had sedated her and after first aid and temporary stitches our doctors had Suggested to admit her In SKS vet hospital nearby ,After examining her condition (thorn muscles, multiple fractures, and heavy blood loss) DR.Prabakar said that we have to go for a major surgery to save her legs but before that jansi had undergo a blood transfusion process (since there is heavy loss of blood) which costs $260 and then a major surgery for her legs (rough estimate $630) you may know that we a raised from scrap organisation ,all of us are students and all our rescues are aided by donors and sponsors ,so we by the name of SDS placing this request before you to DONATE and bare our burden on saving Jansi

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