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PONY Baseball should rethink its age cutoff change!

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The national board of directors for PONY Baseball is set to vote in October, 2017 on the proposed change of cutoff date from May 1st to August 31st for age determination for their divisions.  This change is proposed due to Little League Baseball's change last year to the new age cutoff because their "internal research" concluded they should make their "program younger."  It is noteworthy that USSSA, Cal Ripkin, and Babe Ruth baseball leagues have declined to make the change.

This change at PONY Baseball is not being gradually implemented, it is being applied to all age levels.  It will affect tens of thousands of players across the United States immediately.  This will cause siblings, teammates, and friends who have been playing together for up to eight years or more to be separated from these important career-long relationships.  Additionally, almost all current USSSA teams would no longer be able to participate in PONY sanctioned events without removing players from their team.

By signing this petition you agree to inform PONY Baseball that the need to make the change in age cutoff to match Little League's "younger program" is questionable at best.  Additionally, should the change absolutely have to be made, the implementation should be gradual.  What's the rush? The age change should start in the youngest division, the Shetland Division, and work it's way up through the age groups over the next few years.  Therefore, no one would feel the negative effects of the change.

Bottom line, is the change that uproots tens of thousands of positive relationships really necessary?  If not, vote no on the change.  If it is truly necessary, why not introduce it gradually to minimize the impact it has on our youth?  With all the negative things our children have to battle nowadays, and with PONY Baseball's origination being to "(P)rotect (O)ur (N)ations (Y)outh", this issue could be handled with better care for OUR youth.

Please forward this to any baseball family you feel would be interested or affected.  The results will be delivered to PONY National.


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