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As a responsible Member of Parliament, It's Mr. Ponnam Prabhakar's duty to support transparent politics and take a stand against the amendment of the RTI act.

This week, the Parliament will be discussing changes to be made to the Right to Information (RTI) Act. If these changes are made, political parties would be excluded from the RTI Act.

This is a huge setback for our nation. In order to remain free of corruption, all political parties should be transparent and answerable to the public. This won’t happen if the RTI Act is modified.


Join me and sign this petition telling MP, Ponnam Prabhakar to take a stand against the amendment of the RTI act and ensure that his voters and public get transparent politics.

Letter to
MP, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh Ponnam Prabhakar
Take a stand against the proposed amendment to the RTI Act.

Dear Mr. Ponnam Prabhakar,

As an Indian citizen I want you to be a responsible Member of Parliament and take a stand against the amendment of Right to Information Act.

You are popular amongst the people and your voters demand transparency.

The RTI is by far the most important tool to exercise democracy in our country. It not only inculcates transparency but also accountability among the ones who are serving the nation. The proposed amendments to the RTI Act will dilute it. Since you represent our constituency in the Parliament of India, we request you to take a firm stand 'against' the proposed amendments, and show solidarity with your 'netizens'.

When a tax payer deposits taxes in the Government Treasury, we as individuals, salaried employees and corporate houses are expected to give complete disclosure about our financial statements. It does not end here, various Government Agencies also scrutinize the same even after a few years, thereby holding us accountable till that time. Does the same not apply to political parties? Do we not have any right to know about the functioning of our political parties? Can we not expect the same from you (read Political Parties and Government)? Honourable Minister, we aren't asking you to answer these questions to us, answer them to yourself. Period.

Take a stand against the proposed amendment to the RTI Act and make politics transparent!

Looking forward to your response and action,

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