Address the Grievances of Research Scholars Community at Pondicherry University

Address the Grievances of Research Scholars Community at Pondicherry University

9 July 2021
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<Petition To The Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry Univerity: Issues Faced by The Research Scholars>

The Vice-Chancellor
Pondicherry Univerity

Subject: Issues Faced by the Research Scholars at Pondicherry University

Respected Sir,

An open meeting was conducted by the concerned Students' Council with research scholars on 16th June 2021. The discussion identified the following as primary problems faced by research scholars during the Covid19 pandemic:

1. Prior to the University’s closure, the administration had assured the student community in regard to guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission, specifically citing Ref. No: F.No.1-10/2020(CPP-II) Dated 16th March 2021, which in writing issues

“further extension of six months beyond 30.06.2021, i.e., till 31st December 2021, for submission of the thesis by M.Phil/Ph.D students may be granted by the Universities. Extension of six months, as mentioned above, may also be granted for submitting evidence of publication and presentation in two conferences.”
Till now, no supporting document for implementation of the same has been issued- verbal promises have been made, but no official orders are issued. We urge the University administration to fulfill their promise to the scholars.

2.  Scholars are at a loss since a lot of them belong to marginalized backgrounds and can't conduct their research from home, especially with disciplines that require fieldwork or lab work.
Each group is unable to function to its full potential without University resources due to the prevailing status quo. We urge the University administration to allow scholars, who produce a Negative RTPCR test, to return and for the administration to open the closed hostels at the earliest so as to not further lag our already weakened research momentum during this time.

3. Lastly, we would like to point out that several faculty members, from life sciences, social sciences, Humanities, have been targeting students from marginalized communities, while others are partaking in cruel taunts of termination of the doctoral candidates and delaying essential paperwork and blaming all their inefficiency on Covid-19 and the scholars themselves. Scholars are being harassed and laughed at and are given a common phrase of threat “ Since it is Covid, no one will help you; we will do what we please”.

No redressal system or committee is set in place, where students can air their grievances without fear of persecution from the oppressor. The students urge the University administration to kindly incorporate a board of unbiased faculty members, representatives of all communities and groups dwelling on the PU campus, and form a redressal system to tackle the issue.

We urge you to take note of all these demands at the earliest and do the needful. A lot of research scholars rely on the support that the university is meant to provide them.

Students' Council
Pondicherry University

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Signatures: 81Next Goal: 100
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