Make Ethnic Studies A PUSD Graduation Requirement Now!!

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Ethnic Studies should be a graduation requirement as well as be integrated throughout the K-12 curriculum within the Pomona Unified School District. The majority of students attending PUSD schools are students of color. Latina/o/x students in particular makeup about 86% of the student population within PUSD. Latina/o/x students have some of the lowest rates of educational attainment. More and more studies have shown that when students take an effective Ethnic Studies course, their Grade Point Average, attendance, and overall graduation rates increase. Black and brown male students of color, in particular, have shown significant academic achievement after taking an Ethnic Studies course. All students benefit from being taught an accurate version of American History and Society. We want our students to succeed. We need Ethnic Studies Now. We needed it yesterday. 

Please sign this petition calling for Ethnic Studies to become a graduation requirement and be integrated throughout the K-12 curriculum within PUSD.