We Want Polyvore back

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"On April 5, 2018, the site announced that it has been acquired by SSENSE, and would cease operations of its apps and website immediately. Users wishing to save their account data were directed to a request form on the Polyvore blog"

polyfam wants their creations back, we have spend a lot of time  creating sets and we are addicted to this app I've been heart broken ever since this website disappeared i really miss this although i was new user i joined in 2017 but what about the people who have been there from long time ago! are we not gonna do anything else and sit back and let it go because i can't do it i am addicted to polyvore so i will try my best to bring it back 

if SSENSE wants the website they should't take over other website since SSENSE is an international fashion platform that sells products from a selection of independent, luxury and streetwear designers and produces its own original editorial content it should get its own website to promote its sells and other stuff this isn"t hair to all the user of polyvore that it is shut down without any warning or signs

as my English isn't really perfect don't judge me if i am wrong or i made any mistake i am sorry because its not my first language

thanks please sing this petition... GOOD LUCK