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Affected by robberies in the Polybius portfolio.EUROPA,USA,ASIA.International Denunciation

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It all started with an ICO project, where you bought for 10 dollars 1 token.
Many of us invested 100,300,500,1000 or more dollars because they said that it would be an interesting project and a long-term profitability in BITCOIN.
Everything was fine, but one day after finishing the collection of the ICO where Polybius says that in his page collected more than 25 million dollars.
It wants to be a centralized bank to deposit all kinds of crypto coins as is the bitcoin, housed in Europe.
Everything very nice everything very nice ... but when it ended the ico and what you had invested for example 300 dollars you could sell it winning more than the invested, selling in crypto currency markets. Some sold others left their token their coins in the portfolio of Polybius, I have to say that does not have a very good security, to enter the web to your portfolio of Polybius you put your email and password, then you get an email to Gmail for example where you have a number that you enter and you already access your portfolio Polybius.
I and many thought that security was good ... but on the contrary ... in 90% of sites is already using google security in the mobile. Many will know it is. Two-factor authentication (2FA).
To this day is the best method and 99% more secure than other sites that do not have maximum security, for example Polybius.
Polybius, you want to be a bank and you do not have maximum security ?, something smells bad here.
Well we continued, the day I finished the ICO, where you could already move, sell, keep your token, that day for many hell began.
Many of us at the beginning of the market, we enter our accounts and we see that someone, we do not know who, we do not know when, they stole our money invested.
This is simple, many lost those 100,200,300,1000 dollars, due to the lack of professionalism of Polybius to have low security, when most sites on the internet have maximum follow-on so that no person enters without your permission.
After starting to investigate, many of us realized that in the session logon there were no intruders, there were no new ip, we did not notice anything strange, nor in our emails, for example gmail where it says that everything is correct.
Only in the portfolio of Polybius reports a movement, where someone entered and sent that money to another portfolio, God knows where.
After these echos, we got in touch with the Polybius team, where they quickly inform us that they are starting an investigation.
We think that a company, but a bank, has to solve the robberies quickly, a resolution that never arrived, here we are, after 10 or 20 days of that complaint to the bank team, and we do not even receive answers of how the matter is, for That we decided to do this collection of signatures worldwide, so that Polybius knows that something has to do.
Give us the money back.
We are not so many, we are 36 thousand people who invest in this project and now has more than 100 thefts today, not a month after moving token tokens, chips, money.

If this does not work, we want Polybius to know that we will carry this complaint internationally.
Polybius, as you want to be a bank, or if you want to respond to our emails, polybius, how you want to be a bank, if your customers stole thousands of euros.

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