Complete ban on the usage of Plastic containers for the sale of various products .

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Plastics and their byproducts are littering our cities, oceans, and water-bodies, and started contributing to the health problems in humans and animals. Recycling of plastic is not a solution anymore as tons of plastic waste is already floating in our water bodies and also, accumulated at dump-yards . It also started entering in our food chain. We need too first clear the massive plastic garbage which is already there on this planet and immediately stop the further production of plastic. Today everything is been sold in plastic containers - i.e Food products, medicines and cosmetic products.

Govt needs to impose a strict policy and urge all product manufactures to sale their products in Eco-Friendly packaging only such as Metal or Tin containers, recycled paper bags, Glass, cloths bags etc. All of us also need to take the responsibility of buying products locally- i.e.- loose grains & fruits/veggies from local shops and commodities which sold in Eco-friendly packages, so that we minimise the use of overall plastic.