Offering ASL 3 At Polk State College Urgent!!!

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As of the 2018 school year ASL III is not available at Polk State College, We are working to make this class Available for those wanting to continue their learning of American Sign Language for many reasons.

Why is having American Sign Language III so important to us students at Polk State College?

  • We would love to become interpreters in the future and we need ASL III to help us reach that goal.
  • ASL III would go over medical related terms which would help the local Deaf community and provide opportunities to Deaf and hearing individuals in our area.
  • Many of us would love to learn and be more involved with the deaf community. ASL III would help us to be able to communicate more fluently because the vocabulary is more advanced. 
  • No other colleges offer ASL III in the local areas of Polk County. In order for students to receive the benefits of ASL III they have to travel long distances.
  • The knowledge that ASL III gives students would put them on the path to become Deaf Education Teachers. This is a career field that is severely lacking personnel and we need people in the area qualified to take these positions.
  • Polk State is only offering the minimum classes required for foreign language credits which is good but, in order to meet the needs of the local Deaf community, we need to offer ASL III.
  • ASL is also very helpful for many jobs such as firefighters, policemen, nurses, doctors, restaurant workers and in any job or position that requires costumer interaction. 
  • There is also a ton of opportunities in the local area to help meet the needs of Deaf individuals. These include court room interpreters, medical interpreters, K-12 interpreters, collegiate interpreters, and VRS works. 

With ASL III not being offered people who have taken ASL I and II are at a risk of forgetting the knowledge they've learned if there is no opportunity for them to continue their learning. 

We hope you consider signing this petition for us, we'd greatly appreciate any help we can get. We're hoping to get ASL III into the available class list as soon as possible.

With great thanks,

The ASL I and II students at Polk State College.