Safer and Disruption Free Classrooms

Safer and Disruption Free Classrooms

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Bryanna Lott started this petition to Polk County School Board

A parent is a child's only advocate..

Having said that, I have had a heck of a time. My daughter (I know, mom blinders) is one of the sweetest, whole hearted people that I have ever met. I am honestly shocked that I have created such a wonderful little person. So saying all of that, why would anyone want to be mean and ugly to someone that would literally give them the shirt off of their back?

My daughter, since Kindergarten, has been the brunt of bullying within her school. Time and time again, other children have put their hands on her, choked her, threw her to the ground and called her names, I can go on and on. This most recent year we have struggled. She has been told by another kid that they were going to break her arm. That same kid has hit her in the face. Today the same kid tried to cut her and another student with scissors. Absolutely not acceptable in my book.

I have a very awesome relationship with my daughter. She literally tells me everything. EVERY SINGLE DAY she tells me about a few students (the one in particular) that create some 30 minute to 1 hour disruption in class. EVERY SINGLE DAY class and EDUCATION are getting stopped to deal with these student's tantrums, hitting, stealing, and dare I say it.... BULLYING. 

My child has been struggling in reading since 1st grade. This year has been the worst. I recently had my daughter evaluated and she has been diagnosed with dyslexia. To say that she is legitimately struggling is an understatement. So on top of already having difficulties in reading, we are going to take away educational time to deal with the same awful kids? So its acceptable to take away something that my eager well-behaved kid so desperately needs for someone who cant figure out how to act like a civilized human being?? I say both of those statements with a question mark at the end because I am so perplexed that it is even an option to take away something from my child so that another kid "has an educational right also". 

Now, I know that this appears to be all about what my child needs and wants but I cant speak to what other kids go through. I can only speak to what I know. But I KNOW that my child, just like the majority of her class, has the RIGHT, that our great country has given them, to feel safe in their classroom and to get their educational needs met. They are NOT getting met when the school is trying so hard to make it okay for the one individual or group of awful kids, but not for the ones that actual try and need their education.

Before you think anything, know that I HAVE reported this to the school multiple times. Know that my daughter has told her teacher's multiple times. Know that her teacher's have said something to the school multiple times. This is not a secret to them.

My whole point in all of this is at what point can we as parents say enough is enough? At what point does that kid/kids get removed out of my daughter's class so that she and the other students can have a safe and uninterrupted day at school?

I whole heartedly believe that even the bad kids deserve education also, but maybe in another classroom with more than one teacher. And maybe in a classroom that is more equipped to handle kids like them. Maybe a classroom where the rest of the bad-behavior students can conjugate to give everyone else a chance.  

So if you are with me on setting up some kind of points system or something so that if 1 particular student is a disruption or safety hazard to other students (DAILY), they can get evaluated for a better equipped class, away from other students, please sign this with me. 

My goal is to bring this to the school board and get some things changed around because whatever is going on just isn't working at this point.

Thank you for your time,
   An Angry Mom (Bryanna Lott)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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