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To prosecute and let Mrs. Leslie Maxwell of Alder Hill Farm 501.C.3 it is not OK to let her personal horse suffer for months with no vet care while she was off going to the gym and getting her nails done being a lawyer and a code 3 investigator for the state that helped seize other animals while neglecting her own. That the "Good Ole Boys" will not sweep this under the rug.

Letter to
District Attorney of Polk County M.O. Paul Davolt
Attorney General Of M.O. Kris Koster
Sheriff of Polk County M.O. Sheriff Williams
and 1 other
Director of the Department of Agurcaulter of M.O. Dr. Jon Hagle
Leslie Maxwell, President of Alder Hill Farm that claims to be a non-profit 501.C.3. Rescue refused care of her personal horse that was bred and born on her farm. Mrs. Maxwell is listed as President. There is no Vice President, Treasure or Secretary. Mrs. Maxwell and Starelene Cook of Washington State are the only Board members as of December 19th 2012 with the state or Missouri. State Annual Reports have not been filed since 2006. Is NOT guide star sealed.

Jamie Hall who had been volunteering when she could make the 70 mile drive to the farm became a board member on Aug. 27th 2012 after Mr. Maxwell left.

In the beginning of November 2012 Ms. Hall found Chinook is very poor condition. When she brought this to Mrs. Maxwell attention, who lives on the property with the horses, she was advised to feed him out of the rescue feed and ignored request of a vet all together. Ms. Hall knew that was not legal and bought his feed herself.

Ms. Hall then moved Chinook into a round pen over on the part of the property where the rescue horses were for better access to him for feeding. Chinook started to improve until Mrs. Maxwell discovered he was there and moved him and told Ms. Hall to not touch him again and again refused to call a vet for him. Ms. Hall and a 3rd party had contacted the State of Missouri Humane Society which investigated and filed a report. With that report they also filed with Polk County Sheriffs office which has done nothing. Ms. Hall then resigned from the board December 19th 2012.
Polk County Missouri Sheriff's Dept 417-777-9020

In Jan. 2013 when Ms. Hall and another 3rd party came to check on personal horses housed on the property caught sight of Chinook out back in a dirt lot. As the 3rd party went to go investigate Mrs. Maxwell pulled into her home and made the comment as she walked from her car to her house “will you just kill that horse already”. Chinook was down and struggling as you can see in the pictures. A vet was called but being Mrs. Maxwell owned the horse and refused for it to be treated the Vet could do nothing but under law known a animal is suffering had to advise the horse be euthanized. The 3rd party documented everything and euthanized Chinook and filed yet another report with Polk County which again was doing nothing.

We made a plea on the social media site for people to contact the Sheriffs office to plea for justice for Chinook. There answers to those calls was “It is a open investigation”. One comment made “It was just one horse”. Our answer, is yes it is just one horse. A personal horse that was born and raised there on the farm that Mrs. Maxwell refused to care about and if it wasn’t for Ms. Hall making the 70 mile drive around work and children the others wouldn’t have been fed nor would they have gotten the worming and tetanus shots she bought out of her own pocket and solely administered to all 54 others horses in Mrs. Maxwell care as she lived on the property. How is she going to care for those 54 horses that are the rescues and the 5 personal horses if she can't care for JUST ONE.

The Polk County Sheriffs office claimed to have turned the case over to the Polk County DA. In contacting the DA office they had no idea about the case and stated " It most likely is on the bottom of the pile on the desk and they will get to it when they can".
Polk county Prosecutor 417-326-5756

This is unacceptable. Mrs. Maxwell is a lawyer and has worked with Polk County to seize horses from other residence as a licensed code 3 State investigator. Chinook needs justice and we need to let them know the “good ole boys club” is not going to sweep this under the rug. Being an investigator she knows full well that claiming she left the horses in the care of volunteers and being she is the President is unacceptable specially when there were NO volunteers to begin with. Nor if there was any Volunteers it is NOT their responsibility to feed and care for her personal horses and use feed bought by donations to the rescue.

Mrs. Maxwell has left the property in the begining of January and is refusing to return. There is only 4 round bales of hay which she claims are for the special needs horses. The other horses have been without grain for quite a while now and now hay also. In a phone conversation she has threaten to shoot all the horses and then herself. This is just a ploy for attention and emotional black mail to get people to back off. It will not work. We already know she is a coward this statement just proves it.

2 local State Registered Non-Profit Rescues have come forward for the horses and Mrs. Maxwell has refused to sign them over. She claims they must be a 501.C.3 which is totally false. Especially since, even though Alder Hill paperwork is registered she has not followed proper regulations which then makes it null and void. It does not matter if the rescues are Non-Profit, 501.C.3 or a Private Farm. There is no law on that.

Let Mrs. Maxwell know that while she was running off to the gym and getting her nails done and the whole time Chinook laid suffering will not be tolerated.


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