Stop the Target lawsuit at Posner

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The Target in Posner Park is fighting in court to keep a grocery store from being added to the new stores that are being built. Target Is not a viable option as a grocery store with one small isle for fresh food, one isle for frozen foods and a few isles for very limited canned/boxed foods in its current state. They are trying to prevent the Posner development plans which would add a Whole Foods, Lucky’s or similar.

The next closest grocery store to residents is 4 miles away and the next another 3 miles away. By limiting Posner they are hurting the growing community and prohibiting free market competition. 

The court hearing is set for April 11th in Bartow. Case number 2018CA001959000000. 

Please help show the judge what the community wants and needs by signing this petition. The ideal solution would be either 1) allow Posner to proceed with adding the planned grocery store or 2) require Target to convert the existing Posner store to be a full Super Target identical to the location at Rolling Oaks which has a full grocery store within the same time Posner would add their store. 

I love Target and do not want to see them fail but the rapidly growing area needs healthy and affordable groceries created by free market competition.