November is Family Court Awareness Month! #women #divorce #noabuse #protectwomenandkids

November is Family Court Awareness Month! #women #divorce #noabuse #protectwomenandkids

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Why this petition matters

Imagine standing in a courtroom... Will they believe me? Will I be protected? Will my children be protected? These are questions running through the minds of women who are experiencing abuse. Unfortunately, the court system does not have the tools or the patience to deal with these types of situations. The status quo often harms women and children.

November is Family Court Awareness Month. The mission is to shine a spotlight on the dark topic of family court while honoring the nearly 800 children who have been murdered by separating or divorcing parents since 2008. This concept of Family Court Awareness Month (FCAM) was developed in 2020 by Tina Swithin, Founder & CEO of One Mom’s Battle.

In response to Tina's initiative, we will be taking action to join this movement.  We will be working on several things that will not only help The Women's Financial Wellness Center (WFWC) be part of this movement but also help us better serve our clients.

The first action we are taking is sharing our new Client Bill of Rights.

Women going through divorce deserve:
*A team that is committed to them, not the process
*A no-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind
*Protection and advocacy when there is evidence of physical, psychological, emotional or financial abuse
*No bullying to settle for a substandard deal

In addition, we will be:
*Asking attorneys, commissioners, judges, etc. to sign a petition that they agree with the WFWC bill of rights and would like to put Wisconsin on the map for declaring November as Family Court Awareness Month 
*Sending press releases to local government officials to advocate for the declaration of Family Court Awareness month in Wisconsin
*Working with abuse experts to help us join Tina's efforts to offer awareness and education to professionals within the Family Court System
*Hosting a webinar that provides a platform to discuss this topic 

Contact Information:
Rhonda Noordyk, CEO
The Women's Financial Wellness Center


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!