Politicians Truly Understanding Mental Health

Politicians Truly Understanding Mental Health

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Started by Matt Wheeler

There's a large majority (not all!) who seem to have various financial revenue streams outside of their role as a politician where they are far better off than the majority of the people they represent.

I'd like them to genuinely consider - and discuss - what there actions have on peoples Mental Health.

As this country deteriorates with increases in Water Prices, Gas Prices, Electricity Prices, Petrol Prices, Council Tax, Road Tax, TV Licence, Food Prices... They just really do NOT understand what this means to the average person in the country.

We have toothless regulators, tax loopholes for the well off and the answer is invariably Tax the middle class/low class.

THIS is causing MASSIVE mental health issues across the entire country.

People worry endlessly about this - where do I get the money for the next bill? Where do I get food for the family? What happens if I can't afford the rent because I'm made redundant and what happens to my family.

We are spiralling down in to a very scary place not unlike the poll tax riots of the 80's. 

I feel many think all government politicians are out of touch with what's really happening.

I'd like to propose that All active MP's live on a normal national income for 3 months. See how it feels for the average person. It's hell.

And quite frankly, I think this is one of the largest contributors right now to this countries Mental Health and I do not see how it's going to get better :(

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!