To get bedroom tax abolished

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Me and my two daughters live in a 3 bedroom council house. Isla is 7 and Ella will turn 2 in January. Ella has been in her own bedroom since a young age. The bedroom she has will just about fit a single bed in. 
We like many other families are getting punished for having a ‘spare’ bedroom. It is not ‘spare’ it is occupied. To have the girls sharing would mean broken sleep for Isla who is in year 2 at school and although young the girls like their own space now and again. Why should they be forced to share a room when the house we have been provided with has 3 bedrooms? The bedroom tax is unnecessary and very costly for families who are already struggling. 
The people who came up with this idea most likely have million pound homes. Claim money back for things they can comfortably afford and don’t even live in the properties they own. The elite need to take a step back and realise what is going on. They’re literally driving people to the edge. Try living a month in the life of somebody who is really struggling and you will see how unfair this bedroom tax is.