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Politicians take responsibility for our country

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Many people do not understand that there are people who are responsible for the state of our country, and we need to hold them responsible for their actions. Its time to tell our politicians to take responsibility. An article by Charlie Reese accurately describes this, in my opinion.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, man or woman,  you are one of the one hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one  president, and nine Supreme Court justices that are directly, legally, morally,  and individually responsible for the domestic problems that affect  this country and for the state of America and our:

     1) Deficit
     2) Inflation
     3) High Taxes
     4) Appropriations
     5) Tax Codes
     6) Monetary Policy (federal Reserve Bank)
     7) Military
     8) Laws and criminal justice system
     9) Social Security
    10) Medical Care and Health Reform
    11) Welfare and welfare reform
    12) Immigration and immigration reforms
    13) Corporate bribery and influence of your actions
    14) The recession (Inflation & Economy)
    15) The mortgage crash
    16) Upholding our US Constitution and Bill of Rights for all citizens

You have the power to effect positive change to all of these issues. You are voted in by the people, and we are signing this petition because we are watching how you take responsibility for positive change with these issues. How you effect positive change with integrity, will determine if we vote for your continued representation of your current position. With complete disregard for the corporate lobbyists and those that choose to bribe your vote against the will of the American people whom chose you to represent them.

We do not need or want more laws, more taxes, more committees or more finger-pointing... We simply want you to complete the task that you were elected to complete... FIX THESE PROBLEMS, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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