Reopen the Gyms in Scotland

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It is well documented the benefits that gyms, clubs and physical exercise can bring. This ranges from physical health benefits such as fat loss to mental health benefits which can help people overcome many conditions like depression and anxiety. 

With the gyms already being open in England & Northern Ireland, it is within reason to request the reopening in Scotland. Especially considering Scotland has the lowest R Number of the Home Nations.

Again it is reasonable to think that gyms can and should be allowed to reopen with specific protocols in place as laid out previously by governing body + what most gyms were doing Pre Lockdown in March. 

This week in Scotland it was suggested by the Scottish Government that gyms would be delayed yet again in favour of other business reopenings.

Studies & Research state that the spread of the virus is not greater within gyms and the threat of droplets, faster breathing and air-conditioning units.

This petition is not to say "choose the gyms over something else" This petition is to say the gyms should be allowed to reopen alongside other businesses, just like England + Northern Ireland, provided the gyms meet the protocols and safety measures deemed acceptable. 

By Ricky Long
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