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LongSuffering UnitOwner started this petition to Politicians, legislatures, or government agencies

When Bodycorporate committee members majority votes wanted to relocate the laundry room many years ago, I told them that they should move this room to somewhere else such as at the front office as overthere it would be concrete ceiling and brickwalls and no attached upstairs residential unit which could cause problems whether it would be noise / etc.
As the toilet sink tap hose bursting & flooding are generally could happen as norm in any place; therefore, especially, when bodycorp people’ve already known about the old building structure & my floor base which’s timber without waterproof & soundproof SINCE the beginning; besides, I, as a resident who’s been living attached to the bodycorp communal laundry room, have already RAISED the ISSUES & CONCERNS about the nuisance of noises & vibration from :-

- bodycorp communal outer & inner laundry rooms' doors slamming

- commercial laundry & dryer machines doors slamming

- when the machines are operating

- water running in / out the commercial washing machine through huge hollow pipe at the hollow timber wall panel

- water pipe hammering when the commercial washing machine is operating

All noises & vibration have come straight up directly to my unit SINCE THE BEGINNING when it’s underneath my entrance area which’s next to my kitchen area; but, bodycorp people still went ahead with even worse plan of relocation by putting it underneath my couch area which’s next to my bedroom that’s got timber floor base with their non-completed bad quality job of : -

- bad quality non-soundproof hollow timber wall panel

- bad quality non-soundproof outer & inner doors of the rooms

- non-soundproof opening thin glass window

- attaching my timber floor base with spongy non-soundproof quality insulation that’s blocked airflow to my wire which’s underneath my floor

All these wrong and unprofessional work & things have caused : -

- nuisance to resident/s of above attached unit/s

- blocking airflow to residential unit’s wire to get dried when the incident of toilet sink tap hose bursting & flooding on timber floor base

- airflow blocking of the attached spongy insulation with above residential unit’s timber base floor could also cause moisture and damage to above residential unit’s wire

- blocking the electrician to freely access directly to underneath timber floor base of above residential unit to investigate & find & fix any faulty part/s of electrical connections & wires of not working powerpoints of above residential unit

Therefore, these bodycorp old and current laundry rooms which’s underneath & attaching with residential unit’s timber base floor should not be there since the first place; especially, when there is a better location to be, where it will not cause any problems to any residential unit/s; and, we should have this enforcement law to be able to order bodycorp to remove them out and away from underneath residential unit’s timber floor base.

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Thank you in advance to anyone who might care in whatever ways to help.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!